Reclaim slitting line in 1600 mm width and 0/3 thickness with normal speed about 90 meter per minute in the case of brake and pair- drive including the following :

  1. 30 tones with jaw lathe chuck
  2. Spin power with the help of electro-motor
  3. opening and closing jaws in three lathe chuck by hydraulic
  4. press and pinch device with rubber rollers and hydraulic jack with the spin of hydraulic motor

Reclaim slitting line

   Hydraulic entry coil car

capacity 30 tons , linear transfer with electro-motor , roll up by hydraulic force

Reclaim slitting line

  Leveler machine

Leveler machine with 5 rollers and with the spin of hydraulic motor

Reclaim slitting line

cutting machine 

can cut the 3.5 mm x 1600 steel plates

this device is used to shear the head of coils and make the material go through the slitter very conveniently , and it can also be used to cut the big coils into the small coils.

Reclaim slitting line
Reclaim slitting line

  help desk guider to sheet entry to sliter

slitting machine

slitting machine are 160 cm width and 180 mm diameter for shaft

60 razor blades

wood mechanismin inorder to cut

bush in size of two main shaft

gearbox motor 37 kw with 1400 rpm

shaft of slitting machine is steel with grade mo 40 with diometer 180 mm

high shaft movement with gearbox

Reclaim slitting line

scrap winder

It used to wind the scrips

It consists of base , the shaft and plate of scrap material, friction wheel,supporting wheel chain , decelerator and 5.5 kw motor

Reclaim slitting line

Tension stand

Tension stand with hydraulic jack force

The frame welded by steel plates , bracket , supporting slices , spacers and etc .


Reclaim slitting line


Recoiler with Φ510/470 min x 1600 and capacity 12 tons ,55 kw AC variable speed motor , overall steel plate cantilever structure.

Reclaim slitting line

Hydraulic exit coil car

the coil car move levelly and vertically , which is convenient for putting the steel coils into the de-coiler

the capacity of it can reach to 12 tons


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